With an increase in demand for healthier, more sustainable and convenient products, Tesco is launching a new ‘Meat & Veg’ range.

The new range is said to help make scratch cooking easier, removing the need to buy vegetables separately to make the base of popular dishes such as bolognese, lasagne or meatballs.

The selection of lamb and beef products are combined with vegetables so that meals are healthier, as well as reducing time in the kitchen.

Created by chefs at Tesco, the range champions vegetables as flavour enhancers to provide sweetness to home cooked dishes, with an average of 35% of the products being vegetables.

Tesco believes the single biggest impact it can make in promoting health and sustainability in the next decade is by encouraging shoppers to enjoy a diet of more vegetables and less meat.

The range comes after Tesco recently introduced vegan foods into the meat aisle.

Director of Meat, Fish and Poultry at Tesco, Mark Suddaby said: “We are always looking to provide quick and easy ways for customers to make healthier, more sustainable choices.

“Our new ‘Meat & veg’ range provides our customers with one of their five a day, helping adults and children effortlessly add more vegetables to their diets.”