The Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs has said that the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) transition period will start in 2026.

Irranca-Davies confirmed that the Basic Payment Scheme will be available in 2025, and said that the change of timings was part of his “commitment to meaningful engagement with the farming sector”.

The Welsh Government will also work on a new landscape scale scheme, which it said will build on the experience of previous collaboration schemes.

Rural Affairs Secretary Huw Irranca-Davies said: “Since the first day of taking up this role I have been out and about meeting and listening to our farmers, hearing their views and taking on board what they have to say.

“My commitment to meaningful engagement with the farming sector, Plaid Cymru colleagues under the Cooperation Agreement and other stakeholders on the changes needed will necessitate a change in the implementation timetable.

“We have always said the Scheme would not be introduced until it is ready and I stand by that.”

The Welsh Government highlighted that existing rural investment schemes, such as the small grants schemes, will continue to support infrastructure changes.

The Cabinet Secretary concluded: “Together we can create a future where our farmers produce the very best of Welsh food to the highest standards, while safeguarding our precious environment.

“We are listening and will continue to listen. We must continue to work in partnership to finalise a scheme that works long-term. This is the next step in making that happen.”