FMT Food Industry Awards 2024 / 2025 Terms & Conditions of Business and Acceptance of Orders

          1. The Year 2025 Food Management Today Industry Awards will run from October 2024 until summer 2025.
          2. The Industry Awards presentation event / ceremony will normally take place at a suitable venue in London in June 2025 if presented as a physical in-person event. Or at a time selected as appropriate by the organisers.
          3. Categories:
            • Best Trade Organisation
            • Best Ingredients Supplier
            • Best Machinery / Equipment Supplier
            • Best Training Initiative
            • Best Free From Product
            • Best New Product Development
            • Best Frozen Product
            • Best Bakery Product
            • Best Seafood Product
            • Best Red Meat Product
            • Best Poultry Product
            • Best Dairy Product
            • Best Ready to Eat Product
            • Food Retailer of the Year
            • Food Manufacturer of the Year
            • Food Industry Champion Award
          4. Yandell Publishing Ltd., the organiser of the Food Management Today Industry Awards will offer category partnership opportunities to companies and organisations servicing the food industry at a price deemed to be fair and reasonable by the organisers. Companies or organisations are not allowed to partner an Award category for which they may potentially be nominated or voted for, unless agreeing to withdraw as a potential candidate for the Award category in question.
          5. Payment for partnership will be due by 1st January 2025 at the latest, or if booked after 1st January 2025, payment must be received not later than 14 days from the date of formally confirming the category partnership with Yandell Publishing Ltd.
          6. Cancellation: Award partners should note that cancellation charges will apply on all occasions and in any circumstances for cancellation of category partnerships. A full 100% non-refundable charge of the agreed category partnership total will be payable to Yandell Publishing Ltd., unless cancellation notification is received by Yandell Publishing Ltd., in writing within 14 calendar days from the date of the category partnership email confirmation.
          7. Category partners of the Year 2025 Awards get first refusal for partnering the same category again in 2026. The deadline for decisions for the 2026 Awards is 12th July 2025. After this date the category will be offered to the open market.
          8. Partner Advertising: Partner packages include an A4 advertising page in the Awards Review magazine published after the Awards Ceremony and all advertising is booked in the Awards Brochure section of Food Management Today magazine in a run-of-paper position (ROP) and therefore the placing and positioning of the partner advertising is at the full discretion of the publisher of Food Management Today magazine. Partner adverts will not be placed against the category editorial of the specific category it has partnered unless the winner or a finalist has not taken the page opposite the category editorial. In such circumstances the Publisher will use his best endeavours to place partner adverts against the category editorial, but this is not guaranteed. All adverts are subject to normal terms of acceptance of advertising which are available from the Publisher.
          9. Voting and product nomination forms for the Food Management Today Industry Awards 2025 will be publicised to the food industry through Food Management Today magazine and its website. Votes will then be accepted via the website at
          10. Multiple Retailing / Supermarket category: for the avoidance of doubt, the minimum number of retail outlets needed to qualify and be included in potential judging after nomination is a minimum of 40 separate retail shops, and all these retail outlets must offer both fresh foods, meat, seafood and bakery products and chilled or frozen manufactured / processed foodstuffs. This category does not recognise online businesses, and is specifically for walk-in retail businesses only.
          11. The final deadline for votes in relation to the Year 2025 Awards will be advertised in advance by the organisers in print and online.
          12. Finalists of category awards will normally be informed as soon as possible in writing on a Strictly Private & Confidential basis. Finalists must then confirm within 14 days that they are happy to receive the award should they win the appropriate category and should be prepared to attend the Awards Ceremony presentation and lunch in person and collect the category award.
          13. Should any category finalist not be in a position to attend the Awards presentation or fail to formally confirm that they will accept the finalist status within the 14-day window period; the Publisher of Food Management Today has, at his absolute discretion, the right to rescind the finalist status and pass it on to the first runner-up / finalist in the category concerned. Information provided by Food Management Today magazine to award winners and finalists in advance of the awards presentation is strictly private and confidential until the shortlist is published and available in the public domain, and may not be divulged to any third party prior to the shortlist being made available.
          14. It is the normal policy that the winner of any particular category is not informed in advance of the ceremony and that all winners are only announced at the ceremony. However the finalists / shortlist will be pre-publicised before the ceremony to create interest and attendance at the event.
          15. A winner’s award will only be presented to a category winner if the business or company nominated is trading at the time of the awards ceremony and not in administration or if it has ceased trading. In such circumstances the award will go to the next runner-up.
          16. Please note that photographs and / or videos will be taken during the ceremony for publicity purposes which may be used either during the event / ceremony or over the post-event / ceremony period. By attending this event (or an online ceremony) those participating do, by implication, consent for the organisers to use any images of attendees or participants for promotional purposes through Yandell Media Group media or third-party media. Such consent is implied by attending. Promotional use may include magazines, promotional literature, advertising, galleries, video coverage, social media, websites and poster artwork, and any other medium deemed appropriate by the organisers. Note: participants are able to contact Yandell Publishing Ltd or YPL Exhibitions & Events in writing to request to withdraw your consent at any time.
          17. On the basis that a physical ceremony is possible and scheduled, Award partners will receive a free table for 8 persons at the Awards presentation lunch as part of their package and must attend the event to present the award for the category agreed. The Awards partner accepts this obligation when contracting to the Awards and accepts that in the event of non-attendance, no credit or refund will be made by Food Management Today magazine or Yandell Publishing Ltd., as a result of such non-attendance.
          18. The organisers reserve the right, without prior notice, to revise or change the date of the Awards Ceremony and any Awards Lunch or Dinner, and to change the location of the Awards Ceremony and any Awards Lunch or Dinner, and the nature and format of the event at any time, at their full discretion. In such circumstances the organisers will inform the Partner or Sponsor or any Participants in writing including general publicity of any changes that the organisers believe to be appropriate to facilitate the successful conclusion of the Awards or the promotional programme. If the organiser gives such notice to the Partner or Sponsor or Participant, the organiser shall be entitled to retain all monies paid to the organiser prior to service of such notice and to seek immediate payment of all monies still due to the organiser from the Partner or Sponsor or Participant.
          19. In the event of a communicable disease including a viral infection or pandemic and / or any resultant official warning or instructions to prevent the assembly of people at a given place or at a given time, or any restrictions following any recommendation or legislation by the World Health Organisation or UK Government, or PHE, that public events may not be staged or can proceed, the organisers are not responsible for any consequential loss should its own event or events or exhibitions be affected, postponed or cancelled, and the organiser will not refund deposits and / or any other payments or deposits either paid, accrued, pending or which are due for payment, or contracted to be paid at a future date. Customers and clients of the organiser who are partners, sponsors, advertisers and / or exhibitors, should ensure that their own event insurance adequately covers them for such eventualities or circumstances, as the organiser will not be found liable for repayments or damages or any consequential loss in such prevailing circumstances.
          20. The organisers of the Awards presentation reserve the absolute right to refuse admission to the event without explanation. Correspondence will not be entered into. Competitive media to Food Management Today magazine or its portfolio of publications and media products are not permitted to attend the Awards presentation.
          21. The details of the category winners will not be announced until the Awards ceremony.
          22. An Awards Review confirming the winners of the Year 2025 Awards will be published and circulated with the first available edition of Food Management Today magazine, following the Awards ceremony. This magazine will also detail the partners of the categories.
          23. Winners, finalists and partners of the 2025 Awards accept and agree that their company name may be used in materials to promote the 2025 Awards and any future awards (without breaching confidentiality), and when confirming a partnership, or accepting a winning / finalist status give authorisation to the publisher of Food Management Today to use such details in publicity as may be required. Advertising opportunities will be made available to winners and finalists and Award partners, or any business or organisations, who in the opinion of the publisher, is suitable for inclusion in this publication. All advertising bookings are subject to the normal terms and conditions of acceptance for advertising bookings for Food Management Today magazine. A copy of these Terms & Conditions are available upon request and available to view at
          24. A picture round-up of the Awards presentation will normally appear in the first available issue of Food Management Today magazine, although the publisher reserves the right to publish these pictures in any edition felt to be appropriate as an alternative. A picture gallery from the event will normally also be featured online via the internet.


          1. Voting can only be undertaken by bona-fide food industry professionals. Voting opportunities will not be offered to trade businesses or organisations on a generic basis. Only one vote per person will be accepted.
          2. If for any reason the publisher of Food Management Today magazine has reason to believe that any form of ‘vote rigging’ or manipulation of voting is being attempted, the publisher has the absolute right, at his discretion, to disqualify the votes in question.
          3. In the event of a tie in any category, the casting vote will be with the chairman of the judging panel or the publisher of Food Management Today.
          4. Event tickets are sold on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability. Ticket or table cancellations are subject to an administration fee of 35 per cent of the total cost and that refunds are not available should bookings be cancelled after 30th February 2025.
          5. In relation to all rules and regulations covering the Year 2025 Awards and the Awards ceremony, the publisher’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
          6. 2026 Ceremony and Promotion: The pending and updated terms and conditions for the next year 2026 period will be published shortly after the 2025 ceremony takes place and is completed. The above T&C’s can be used as a guide to the next ceremony and promotion. However for any specific information and to contact the organisers please click here.
          7. Copyright: These rules and regulations are copyright and may not be used or reproduced in any other circumstances in full or in part by any third-party organisation without the prior written permission of Yandell Publishing Ltd.

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